Red Head Getting Paddled For Bad Grades

2009 September 28
by spanko

For centuries, some of the most privileged girls have been sent off to the Girls Boarding School to clean up their actions. These young girls had a secret spanking girls method administered on their fine asses, each time they did wrong and got caught by their professors. Now we have all the new school girls back, and ready to take some real spanking the old fashioned way. CLICK HERE to download the spanking photos and watch the paddles and canes that come out to be used on the round juicy butts.

Spanked Girls

A red head girl just didn’t seem to want to learn, and got a harsh punishment spanking in turn. She was forced to strip and had her red cotton panties pulled down to her knees, before a heavy wooden paddle started striking her firm rear. As the wild action continued, the forceful strikes grew into repetitive spanking girls action, getting the cheeks build up with painful welts. LEARN the secret ways of spanking girls and watch the bare ass turn bright red and swell from all the strikes.

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