Petite Blonde Gets Rough Bare Ass Spanking

2009 August 17
by spanko

The Girls Boarding School doesn’t seem to go on without a day of painful spanking girls punishment. This time the professor has caught a petite blonde snooping around the teachers area, where she wanted to change some of the grades she has received for her behaviour. Unfortunately her plan failed, and she was confronted by a really strict professor who was ready to teach her a very harsh lesson. LEARN the secret ways of spanking girls once paddles, canes and straps are taken out and administered.

Spanked Girls

This young student gets herself bent over a table to have her tight ass stretched and ready to take hard and striking blows. Pretty soon her jeans are pulled down and the bare ass spanking is ready to begin, with the cane striking up her rear and creating huge red welts. The stinging sensation causes her her skin to swell up in pain, and make her re think her actions the next time she is thinking about doing mischiefs around the school grounds. GET inside the members area and watch the hard spanking she gets.

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