Petite Blonde Gets Harsh Spanking Girls Punishment

2009 September 19
by spanko

A naughty blonde babe has been doing some really bad deeds, and now is called into the Principal’s office to have her ass spanked. This innocent looking school girl, just doesn’t seem to know her limits, and needs to be disciplined in order to turn into an obedient lady. Once she struts in wearing a white shirt and a long green skirt, she is quickly ordered to strip off her cotton panties, getting her tight round ass revealed. CLICK HERE to download the spanking pictures and watch her butt turn ripe red.

Spanked Girls

The ass spanking continues to get intense as she is forced to face the wall and put her hands over her head. The tight bare bottom spanking gets administered in repetitive slashes she is forced to endure over and over again on her fresh and tingling skin. As the punishment spanking continues, there are large red welts that build up on her once smooth skin, and will make her remember her misbehaviour for weeks on end once she starts to sit. SEE the video and watch the spanking girls session.

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