Naughty Brunette Gets Spanked For Short Skirt

2009 December 3
by spanko

A naughty brunette school girl, just couldn’t seem to follow instructions of having a skirt that is just above the knees. She was flaunting her tight ass off in a very short skirt, and ended up getting the attention of the Principal. This Girls Boarding School is known for being strict, and teaching the young school girls a lesson about being proper. After leaving the place, they will have to be the most obedient wives to powerful men, or else will be made to suffer more ass spanking at home. WATCH the video of the school girl spanking as she gets flipped over the knees.

Amateur Tied

Her tight ass gets bared and the heavy hands of the dominating man comes striking at her rear. The otk spanking is hard and rough, with her cheeks turning beet red from each repeated strike she gets. Once the punishment spanking continues, and she gets blots of red all over her butt, the little chick builds up real tears in her eyes until begging she will be good and never disobey again. GET ACCESS and enjoy the spanking pics.

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