Holiday OTK Spanking

2012 January 23
by admin

holiday otk spanking

Ho ho ho, it’s time for the holidays, and that means everyone has to get ready for the big celebrations and all the errands that have to get done before any celebrations can get into swing. So what happens when one little elf girls slacks off and doesn’t get any of her work done? She turns out to be a naughty little elf, and when that happens she just needs to go over the knee and get a proper lesson in the holiday spirit!

This little elf girl was particularly naughty, she did not get everything ready for her daddy’s company party, instead she slacked off and lazed about all day. That was not a good thing, because when he got home he was not happy. Nothing like a Christmas miracle though to get a girls’ attitude to turn around though, and he is an expert at providing those miracles with the flat of his hand. She whined a bit when he pulled her over his knee and started spanking her ass, but that didn’t really get the result he needed. Not until he pulled down her little red panties and he spanked her bright red was she a properly repentant little elf, and she was able to get the rest of her errands done.

Watch her bare butt spanking HERE

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