Brunette Girl With Pigtails Gets Hairbrush Spanking

2009 July 19
by spanko

A brunette school girl with pigtails has been behaving really badly in class. She was taken to the side and was forced to write lines for her professor, before he could begin his treatment. At the Girls Boarding School there is no tolerance for misbehaviour, and severe spanking consequences must be administered to make the young school girls learn their lesson. DOWNLOAD the spanking pictures and watch the slender girl get some harsh otk spanking.

Girls Spanked Girls Spanked
Girls Spanked Girls Spanked
Girls Spanked

Her juicy round butt is revealed as she is bent over in her professors lap, and has her green cotton panties pulled down to her thighs. Pretty soon she starts to get her cheeks turning beet red, as she has his heavy hand striking her rear repeatedly over and over again. The ass spanking continues to get rougher, with a large hair brush pulled out and used on the soft skin to get soar and swell up in pain. As the spanking girls treatment continues, there is more and more welts to make her remember what she did wrong. SEE the video and watch the spanking girls punishment.

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