Blonde Girl In Blue Thong Getting Ass Spanking

2009 December 9
by spanko

Not being prepared in class, is one of the worst things that a young school girl can do at the Girls Boarding School. This blonde slender girl has woken up late in the morning, and couldn’t find her uniform in her room. After she strutted into the class wearing a white shirt and some tight jeans, she was quickly pulled to the front of the class by the professor and taught a hard lesson. WATCH the harsh caning that is performed through her jeans before she has her pants stripped off her ass.

Spanked Girls

The spanking girls punishment is the only way that the young pupils will learn their lesson, having welts on their behind for weeks on end, and making them remember their actions. At each forceful strike, this school girl had her juicy butt build up with sore red welts that started to ache and swell up in the shocking and painful treatment. Her blue thongs rode up deep into her butt as the punishment spanking continued and made a total road map out of her juicy round cheeks. SEE the video and watch the bare ass caning she gets.

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