Poppy gets her ass beat

2014 February 23


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girl paddled

Spanking is certainly a tried and true initiation into both college sororities and fraternities. It is such an easy way to humiliate, teach lessons and punish the new recruits, especially once they’ve misbehaved and done something to harm the house. It takes a while for some of the girls to learn their lessons though, especially once they’re in. They think they can just get away with anything because they’ve finally made it in that they forget the rules of the house. When that happens another spanking and other corporal punishment is certainly in order, after all, you have to reinforce those lessons whenever you can.

Poppy has the unfortunate habit of expressing her artistic talent in inappropriate places, and puts graffiti all over the side of the sorority. Elder Star isn’t about to let that pass, and so pulls her in for some corporal punishment. With skirt up and panties down her ass is primed and ready for a nice hard spanking with bare hand and a convenient mirror. She uses both the wood and the glass side, but there’s no bad luck for Poppy. This girl has something up her sleeve and turns the table on Starr, so both girls end up with asses red and sore as a reminder of their adventures with Poppy’s impromptu artwork.

See her punishment HERE

Adele and Irelynn on Last Day of School

2014 January 17


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last day of school caning

The end of school days is usually a relief for girls that go to our strict school. They think they can escape the usual levels of discipline, and get away with more because the teachers and the headmaster will not bother punishing them on the last couple of days of school. Of course, they are sadly mistaken, and even when there are a few more practical jokes and incidents near the end of school we make sure that every single one of the perpetrators ends up with the punishment they deserve.

Adele and Irelynn thought, since it was the last couple of days of school that a little prank might end up undiscovered. Of course, our headmistress Pandora Blake caught them in the act and let them know that they had to stay after the last day for their punishment. While every one of their classmates escapes for the summer, these girls find their last day is spent bent over the spanking horse for a hard caning that leaves the types of stripes they’ll remember their entire vacation.

Check out this caning video HERE

Amelia and Caroline get cropped for cheating

2013 November 8


by admin


Some girls get into the worst trouble with the best of intentions. They do say the road to hell is paved with them, after all. It doesn’t matter though, because when the girls at the Riding Academy break the rules, Miss Pandora Blake makes sure that the appropriate actions are taken. Whether or not their intentions are good, the rules are the rules after all, and when girls get to break the rules whenever they want, they just turn into spoiled little ones with no discipline at all.

This time two girls, Amelia Jane Rutherford and Caroline Grey both get in trouble with Miss Blake. The two girls conspire together to fix a race, one of the worst things you can do at the academy! When Miss Blake finds out she’s furious, she refuses to listen to any of their explanations, and brings them both in for the appropriate types of discipline. They get to watch each other as they take turns bent over, ass up with Miss Blake making good use of her riding crop on their asses. Before Miss Blake is done both end up with striped red asses as reminders of their rule breaking ways.

This is one naughty video. Free image gallery too. CLICK HERE

Spanked with Slapper

2013 October 16


tags: slapper
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spanked with slapper

We just love a woman that can talk candidly about what she likes, especially the things that turn her on and make her moan. For some women, that’s a good, hard spanking, and very little else. Many women think it’s bad when a spanking turns them on, but why? It’s so hot when a woman moans from the hot slap of a hand, a paddle or a cane across their ass. When their curves turn that bright red, and they start shifting back and forth as they get turned on with every blow, it is just the precursor for some very hot nights.

Allaura Shane is quite candid of her love of spanking, and so we spend some time and sit her down and let her talk about some of her favorite scenes with our red-headed spanker Alison Miller. The two of them get into all sorts of mischief and they talk about the canes, paddles, and slappers that are their favorites, from both sides of the scene. The two of them show off some of their favorites, and Allaura’s ass looks amazing as she turns red, and the moans start coming from her mouth.

See Allaura spanked, caned, and paddled. CLICK HERE

Camilla receives OTK spanking

2013 September 3


by admin

camilla otk spanking

It’s always so amusing when a new girl thinks that “spanking just can’t be too bad” and they try to pull a fast one on us. They put on such a brave face, and they just know that you can’t do anything that really hurts them. Camilla Scott that that as first as well, and boy did she have an attitude in this little scholastic role play. She didn’t know that even if it was play, the brattier she acted the worse she was gonna get it! She was so brave, until her panties were around her thighs, and her ass really started warming up. That’s when the whimpering started, which escalated into crying, especially as we turned her ass black and blue with over 250 blows for her first time.

Check out this free gallery and spanking video

Whitney Gives OTK Spanking

2013 June 17


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whitney gives otk spanking

It seems like Sarah ends up getting into trouble wherever she goes. This is one naughty girl, because she just ends up in all sorts of circumstances where she ends up ass up, face down with her skin turning bright red under the hands of her friends and her various acquaintances. Sarah takes a lot of teaching before she learns any kind of hard lesson, and often it takes more than one lesson before the instructions finally sink into Sarah’s head.

This time Whitney is the one that has a problem with Sarah’s bad behavior. Sarah keeps contacting her at work, despite Whitney’s instructions not to do so. Well, Sarah calls her one too many times, and Whitney ends up the one in trouble! Whitney isn’t about to let that pass though, and Sarah ends up as the one that has to suffer for the lesson. As soon as Whitney gets home, Sarah is put down over her lap and her ass is turned up to the air. Whitney makes sure the lesson is quite a long one, as she works her way through layer after layer, skirt, panties and finally bare skin all feels her bare hand as she tries to work the lesson through Sarah’s thick head.

Watch Whitney put her muscle into it. CLICK HERE

OTK Spanking Sarah

2013 March 14


by admin

otk spanking

It takes a little more to get a lesson through some girls’ heads then others’. There is an element of…physical reinforcement needed before they take a good lesson and actually get it through their heads. For those girls, nothing but a spanking will get them to understand the error of their ways. It is a shame, because for many of them, they don’t get the corporal punishment that would help them in their early years, and so they just make mistake after mistake until they find what they need.

Sarah apparently learns her lessons through her ass, because unless there is a healthy red glow to her ass, she just seems to forget all that she’s learned. It’s one of the reasons she get in trouble, especially with people who look out for her. This time Sarah gets mouthy and starts cursing, so she ends up with her ass up in the air and her pants around her thighs. It’s not an unfamiliar position for her, especially when it’s only after her ass is as pink as her panties that the lesson really sinks in.

See Sarah get spanked. CLICK HERE

Tormented Submissive

2012 December 15


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tormented submissive

You’ll almost never see a girl stretched to their limits unless they are under the ‘care’ of a nice hard, wicked domme or two. For some reason, most guys think that they need to take it easy, no matter how much of a painslut and masochistic bottom they have at their disposal, and they restrain themselves at least a little bit. When a nice experienced domme gets their hands on such a slut though, it’s anything goes and they will find every little trigger and every part of that submissive slut’s body that gets her screaming and begging for more.

Penny Pax is no stranger, and she knows just that she likes things hard, intense and without mercy. Mistresses Francesca and Ariel X just couldn’t wait to get their hands on this masochistic lesbian bottom, so they can show her what it’s like to be double teamed by two women as sadistic as she is masochistic. Strappado position is the least of her problems when she is prepped for these two hot mistresses, because they just love the humiliation of spanking, flogging and clamping Penny’s perky little tits while they make her worship their asses and feet. Penny gets to lick her two mistress’ strapon cocks clean, and she better do a good job because they rope her wide and pound her in her tight cunt while her mouth occupies her other mistress’ pussy. You won’t get enough of Penny’s sweet little squeals of pleasure and pain.

See all her punishment HERE. Caution: This is a BDSM scene. Not for the feint of heart

Awesome Spanking Video

2012 November 7


by admin

cherry red ass

Some girls seem like they are made for a good spanking. They have such curvaceous little asses, and they think they are so innocent and sweet that you just can’t wait to hear their voices crying out and begging as you turn their asses bright red. We just love finding those girls that get into it as well, because it’s often girls that you would never expect are into it, but when the bare hand lands across their ass, you can hear it in their voice when they enjoy it.

In this class there was one schoolgirl that we could tell would look so good with a bright red backside, so we pulled her aside after class. She was contrite, but that wasn’t enough, we wanted to see her ass in the air. A little humiliation, and a little talking about how it would be so bad if she were to disrupt the class any more, and her skirt was around her ankles. A few swats later and she was moaning for more. We knew we had her, this sweet little girl just begged for us to keep spanking her as both sets of cheeks turned bright red, and we could see how wet she got from the spanking.

See this video HERE

Belt Spanking Draws Blood

2012 April 9


by admin

belt spanking draws blood

When one proctor roams the halls, most of the girls know to run and hide, or make themselves as unobtrusive as possible. Unless the proctor is going somewhere, he or she is likely looking to make an example out of a girl that has done almost nothing wrong. When TWO proctors head out, you just know that someone is going to get in tons of trouble, and you hope it’s never you.

I was taking a little bit of time in my own room and relaxing when two proctors showed up at my door! I had no idea what they were there for, but they told me they were convinced I was avoiding punishments! I never avoided the punishments, but they didn’t want to believe me, and told me they were going to make up for punishments I missed. They made me strip to ‘prove’ I wasn’t getting punished, which was embarrassing enough, but when they saw I had no marks they told me they were going to make sure I had evidence for a long time to come. They whipped my ass sooo long with their belt, even through my pajamas they made my ass so black and blue that I actually needed cream to get the pain to ease! It hurt so much I didn’t even want to get up, thankfully my roommate showed up and helped me out with the cream.

See her brutal beating HERE

Girl getting Spanked

2012 March 11


by admin

girls spanking girls

When I took the personal assistant job, I knew that the person I worked for had some weird habits. They told me that none of her assistants lasted for very long; something about her just kept scaring them off. That didn’t seem like a big deal though, since I’ve had more than a couple of bosses let me get away with a lot. They like it when I wear the short dresses, and I can usually catch them watching me. It makes it easy to get away with a lot on the job.

I screwed up one of her bookings, that’s when she told me I was in real trouble. She gave me a chance. When I showed up I had no idea what to expect, but being told to strip down to my underwear wasn’t one of them! I really wanted to keep the job though. She said that I had to learn how to do a job properly, and that required the discipline she had to teach. I had no idea she was that kind of a freak, but if a red ass was all I needed to keep the job, I was willing to do it. I had no idea how much it burns, especially because she tried to get my ass red over every inch. It was sooo bad, but it was even worse because I couldn’t help getting wet by the time she was done…I should have left, but for some reason I wanted to keep the job even more.

Watch her spanked HERE

Outdoor Spanking Video

2012 February 27


by admin

outdoor spanking video

As often as we get disciplined at the school, most of the time no one really knows about it. We’re supposed to suffer in silence as they spank us and make us think about ‘what we did to deserve it’. Most of the time that just means if we whimper or complain they spank us harder or use meaner or nastier tools, but at least no one else gets to see what they are doing! It’s so much harder when they decide to embarrass you in front of everyone else, so they reserve that for harder punishments.

You know then, that you’ve done something really wrong when they decide to make a spanking video of your punishment. Like, ummm, the time I got caught ditching class to meet with a boy and smoke out at the edge of the campus borders. My roommate told me she’d cover me, but she didn’t tell me one of the teachers was coming! When he caught us he was so mad that he sent someone to make a ‘public record’ of the punishment. You can’t imagine how bad it is when you feel that cane across your ass, knowing that everyone is going to see the welts that show up. They don’t even let you be modest, they say it’s for our own good, but I think they just like seeing us squirm, knowing everyone gets to see us punished!

See her paddled and caned video HERE

Naughty Girl gets Flogged

2012 February 13


by admin

naughty girl is flogged

I like to think that sometimes I am not just an evil bastard that likes to lash women…I provide a kind of service to those that need it. Of course, those that need it also need to have their bodies covered head to toe in red lash marks from my single tails, but I don’t have to work only on submissive painsluts that their masters are sending in for discipline, some women just need to their bodies worked over from top to bottom.

This particular woman was a friend that just needed to feel the kiss of a whip so she could re-center herself. Nothing brings out clarity then the streaks of pain from a single tail across the body, and considering how sensitive her little nipples and cunt were, I was surprised she didn’t start crying out the first time a lash landed against them. She wanted to get pushed harder and further, so I made sure I decorated all over her pale flesh with the tip of my whip. It must have been the relief she craved, because when the lashes over her cunt finished, she just thanked me, and I swear I could smell her wetness across the tip of my lash.

See her lashed all over HERE

Holiday OTK Spanking

2012 January 23


by admin

holiday otk spanking

Ho ho ho, it’s time for the holidays, and that means everyone has to get ready for the big celebrations and all the errands that have to get done before any celebrations can get into swing. So what happens when one little elf girls slacks off and doesn’t get any of her work done? She turns out to be a naughty little elf, and when that happens she just needs to go over the knee and get a proper lesson in the holiday spirit!

This little elf girl was particularly naughty, she did not get everything ready for her daddy’s company party, instead she slacked off and lazed about all day. That was not a good thing, because when he got home he was not happy. Nothing like a Christmas miracle though to get a girls’ attitude to turn around though, and he is an expert at providing those miracles with the flat of his hand. She whined a bit when he pulled her over his knee and started spanking her ass, but that didn’t really get the result he needed. Not until he pulled down her little red panties and he spanked her bright red was she a properly repentant little elf, and she was able to get the rest of her errands done.

Watch her bare butt spanking HERE

Over the Knee Spanking

2012 January 6


by admin

over the knee spanking

Certain girls are more troubles then others. They were brought up without proper discipline or training, so they don’t know what it means when they are given a task. They expect they can get away with doing almost no work on it. We make sure that these girls do not get away with this slacker mentality. It is worth it when we take a girl who does almost nothing, and turn them into a girl that actually cares about her effort.

This little girl just didn’t understand why she kept getting pulled aside and told that she was not doing her work hard enough by her boyfriend. He spent some time with her trying to get her to put in some real effort into their daily activities, but she always seemed reluctant. We told her we could get her to straighten up quickly, and he agreed to our unique training techniques. Of course, she turned bright red when we watched her, and did a thorough examination of her form. Our style of discipline was quite effective though, especially when we spanked her long enough that her ass ended up as red as her face.

See her discipline HERE

Spanked and Humiliated

2011 December 25


by admin

spanked and humiliated

There are such lovely girls out there that need to learn that they have amazing bodies, if they were just to let go of their silly inhibitions and restraint. It takes a little discipline, but with training any girl will appreciate how others can view their bodies as a work of art. It may take a bit to push past their initial resistance, but we have people that are quite able to bring out the inner beauty and the love of their own body that any girl can have.

It was almost sad that this lovely brunette had no confidence in her body. One of experts was quite interested in training her, so we invited her to try our special kinds of discipline. She was reluctant at first, but we can be very convincing, especially when they think they have nothing to lose. Her body was spectacular, but she wasn’t able to accept it until we did a full examination. She blushed from head to toe, but she did not resist when we wanted to examine her pretty little pussy and had her bend over the bed. Sometimes it just takes a little emphasis and the right kind of exposure to turn these girls into proper women in love with their bodies.

Watch her lessons HERE

Bare Bottom Caning

2011 December 17


by admin

bare bottom caning

One of the worst things the teachers do is they tell us they are ‘educating’ us while they use us for their general drudgery around the school! Us girls have to do everything, and even when they are doing private hosting and the like, they make us do all the back work! You just never know when you’re going to get drafted to clean a teacher’s car, or their house, and if we do it wrong, they are just as fast to punish us!

One teacher called me to come to his place, because he was hosting guests and needed someone to keep the kitchen clean. I tried to hide, but he caught up to me anyway and made sure I was coming. Most of the night was fine, but when he started making me do the dishes he told me I wasn’t doing a good enough job. He even told his guests and brought out a brush while I was over the sink. He wanted them to hear me crying, and made sure my ass ended up bright red! I think he was just looking for a laugh, but it hurts and is so embarrassing to know that there are people not twenty feet from you that can hear your ass getting spanked!

See the caning HERE

Severe Caning Punishment

2011 December 10


by admin

severe caning punishment

The proctors and teachers are always strict about us keeping our rooms in order. They tell us that a sloppy room means that our work is sloppy too. It’s another reason they come up with to make sure they can bring out their canes, and their paddles. I usually do a really good job and make sure everything is clean and straightened, so I get to avoid their usual type of ‘discipline’ most of the time! I really hate when they bring out their canes and stuff, so why give them the excuse?

This time though I just completely forgot! I was in a rush to get my homework done, and get to the class, so I forgot to straighten up my bed and clean my room. Well, the proctor was waiting for me when I got back, and I knew that I was just going to get it. I guess he was feeling charitable because he let me leave my clothes on for most of the caning. I hate that burning and stinging as the canes leave welts all over my backside. It’d been so long I almost forgot the feeling! I guess I was lucky I got to keep my clothes on, I’m not sure I could have taken it bare-assed. It doesn’t matter though, he still made me strip, he told me I had to feel the air on those welts and remind myself that next time I would get it worse for forgetting the way things work!

See the caning HERE

Painful Beating Teaches Model a Lesson

2011 December 2


by admin

painful beating

It’s such a pleasure to break in a girl for the first time, especially when they have a lot of attitude. They think they can just protest and make all the pain and punishment go away, and they are always so surprised when things don’t stop until someone else wants them to stop. It definitely curbs a lot of their attitude once they start feeling the whacks across their pretty little ass, and it always makes a lasting impression.

When we brought in Heather Monroe she told us our photo setup sucked, the location sucked, pretty much the entire shoot sucked. When she tried to get out of the shoot early too, it was time she understood exactly what position she was in. She whined when I pulled her aside, she begged when I threw her over my lap, and she cried the first time that my hand landed across her cute ass. I will admit, she definitely has a model’s ass, but it didn’t look as good as it could have, at least not until I turned it cherry red from a good spanking. She had tears streaming down her face, but believe me that she did not have one bit of attitude when I was done with her ass.

Watch Heather get beaten HERE

Blonde gets Spanked

2011 November 14


tags: Spanking
by admin


It’s so cute when a girl is bent over and given her spanking, especially when they’ve never had one before. Their cute little asses aren’t the only things that turn bright red when they get a few bare handed smacks right across their pert little behinds. The ones that have been spanked before are even better, some of them love it, and some remember it from when they were younger, so when that palm hits ass you can get the sweetest reactions of pain and pleasure.

Missy was spanked nice and hard when she was growing up, so Tegan knew that she would likely get nice sweet reactions from this pretty blonde girl. It only took a little coaxing before Missy bent over Tegan’s lap and hat her bare ass turned up to the air. There’s no way she regretted it the way she gasped the first time that Tegan lit this little miss’s ass right across her cheek. The gasps were almost as sweet as the whimpers as Missy realized that she missed the sensation, and Tegan almost had to dry her lap off when Missy finally got done with the intimate spanking.

See her spanked HERE

Roommate gets Spanked

2011 August 13


by admin

spanking girls

Any girl should know better then to try and make fun of the 4th of July in the states. It doesn’t matter if you’re a British visitor, or a citizen, we all know that when you mess with the 4th you are going to get soundly punished. When most punishments end in a reddened ass then you better be sure that you know what trouble you’re getting into!

These spanking girls have no problems taking their troubles in their own hands, so when Sophie plays a prank with a firecracker to make fun of the 4th, well there’s no way she’s getting away with it. She gets bent right over and her tight ass gets spanked nice and red by the poor, innocent victim. Of course, that victim is not totally innocent, because she doesn’t just use her hand, she has a special brush she keeps just for these occasions. These two hot girls go at it until Sophie’s ass is red all over and she’ll regret her prank every time she sits down for days!

CLICK HERE for the fun

Bad Girls Get Spanked Hardcore

2011 August 6


by assistant

Some of the marks they gave out at the boarding school didn’t show up right away, and those were often the worst. Having to lay there with the pink striped pajamas pulled down to your knees, and holding your feet out for their own working over meant that you were off-balance and uncomfortable until the punishment was over. The spanking would last the longest, and depending on how bad the transgression or how tired the spanker was that evening, things would either slightly blister or just get redder and redder until one side was clearly the favorite for the night. If they had bothered to make things symmetrical, at least there would be some pattern or control, but more often it would just be a dark red bruising on one cheek, with only light bruising on the other. Perhaps it was that they had to spend so much time spanking girls, but they tended to vary things so that they would remain engaged, which was at least one reason they would hit the bottoms of the feet, too. It really was the dread of the beating that caused the most stress for some of the girls, hearing their friends and roommates getting their correction and knowing your turn was coming.

CLICK HERE for more red, spanked bottoms!

Girl Gets Punished

2011 July 17


by admin

spanking girls

This girl was really bad today. She was told not to masturbate until her master came home but the urge and feeling of being so horny overpowered her. Her master would take none of her apologies so he told her to wait for him until he came back. He was going to discipline her and this master in particular enjoys spanking girls. You will find that this girl was very shy and not happy about being disciplined for just wanting to get off without him. She leaned forward with her pants down and begged for her punishment from her master. With each time she was spanked, she let out a soft whimper.

He didn’t stop spanking this girl until he felt she had got enough. Her ass was beat red and really made her think about what she was doing and what she WOULDN’T be doing next time to gain his disapproval. The master seems to really enjoy spanking girls like he did with his slave so deep down he’s probably waiting for her to make another mistake again. If she does something wrong, her ass will surely be paying for it in another round of hard spanks to her ass.

CLICK HERE for the whole punishment

New Submissive Gets Whipped Ass

2011 July 11


by admin

whipped submissive

This new pets’ submissive nature looks to ensure an entertaining round of erotic punishment. One look at her eyes and you can tell that she knows she has been bad. Opening herself to be punished is what she craves, it’s the only way she’s going to feel release today. Grabbing a handful of hair just to let her know you are there and ready to begin. She looks at you with a bit of defiance in her eyes, all the sweeter is the taste when you break her. It’s time for her to feel exposed and vulnerable. She needs to know that she is helpless and only here to be punished. Pulling that tiny skirt up you see that this is not the first time she has had a whipped ass.

Even though she may have really deserved it before, she was really going to earn her whipping this time. Suspended and exposed for your perusal she looks so ready to be the recipient of the sweet sensual caress of the whip. For now, just her delicious ass and dirty cunt on display for all to see. Revealing those tits is the final stage before she is completely open to the pain she needs. She has been used well before, you can see all of the old marks across her ass and tits. This is good because you know she will be responsive in all the right ways. It all starts with her body rippling with pleasure as you strike the whip across her ass.

Watch the beating. CLICK HERE

Naughty Schoolgirl is Spanked and Soaped

2011 July 4


by admin

punished girl

I thought we were all lucky when we were going to get away from the school for a few days on a field trip. They arranged for us to stay in the country while we visited a few places for our classes, so I thought for sure the punishments would stop while we were someplace else. I was totally wrong though!

The owner of the hostel was an ex-teacher at the school, so when she caught me bad-mouthing the school she told me she’d teach me lessons like a proper girl! She was more mean then any of the teachers, she dragged me into the kitchen and stripped me bare while they took pictures for the other girl. The spanking I was used to, though she made my ass hurt more than almost any of the teachers, but she stuffed my mouth with soap and told me I couldn’t take it out until the punishment was over!

CLICK HERE and watch her get punished

Schoolgirl Spanked, Shows Nice Red Ass

2011 June 12


by admin

spanked red ass
I wasn’t sure how long we’d been waiting on his bed, but it had to have been at least half an hour. I don’t know what she’d done, but I’d forgotten to wear my thong, and hadn’t completed my chores by the time I was supposed to do so, which was why my punishment had gone on longer than hers, and why she had been given permission to spank me a few more times, but I was only allowed to feel the heat rising off her red, sore ass.

Our Master gets off on spanking girls, but we’d known that when we signed up to be in his care, so our daily punishments and rewards often took the same form. I’d forgotten that I even owned any panties that covered my ass, but I’d pulled these out of the laundry by mistake that morning, and had taken my chastisement in the spirit it was given, as a disappointing error made by someone who knew better. Finally, we heard his footsteps approaching, and laid ourselves out again for his viewing pleasure.

CLICK HERE to see more

Hot Angie Gets Spanked On Camera

2011 June 4


by assistant


There are a few of my slave girls that just love to instigate trouble, especially when it means they aren’t going to suffer the consequences. That occasionally means that one of our little sluts wants to show off what they’ve learned in watching us, by showing off on another of our pets. When that happens, it is good to sit back a bit, and see if a painslut is good enough to take up the whip on her own, if we set a good example.

On this particular, bright sunny day our little slut Mercedes wanted to show off her skills on her sister slave Angie. Apparently Angie was a naughty girl and got off without asking the night before, and Mercedes wanted to show how she could teach a proper lesson. This time we let her, we strung up Angie and let Mercedes bring out the single tail and lash her breasts and stomach. We noticed that when she started whipping her sopping cunt though, her technique lacked a little…intensity, so we had to step in and show Mercedes just how it is done. Of course, we then went on to demonstrate that technique on Mercedes as well, tattling is just not what a good slut does, after all.

See what happens in the next video! CLICK HERE!

Skater Girl Gets Caned

2011 April 2


by admin

spanking girls

The Sir of the house keeps everyone in line with grace and composure, and usually that’s enough. Sometimes, though, he has to resort to spanking girls in order to make sure everyone is playing nicely together and they aren’t speaking too strongly out of turn. If any of the residents or maids have been making trouble, they have to spend time over the Sir’s lap, where he works them over first with his hand, and then with a good strong paddle.

The very bad problem girls get to be punished by having to repeat the process with a cane before the marks from the first spanking have even started showing up as more than a rosy red flush to the cheeks. With repeat offenders, they get to have the same damn spot hit over and over again until the bruises are right where they’ll feel them whether bending, standing or sitting.

CLICK HERE and see her cheeks become red

Naughty Micaela Craves Discipline

2011 March 3


by admin


Some little girls never grow out of the ‘naughty girl’ stage they developed when they are kids. These bratty girls never got the discipline that others crave, and so when they get older their craving becomes an obsession. They love having their cheeks reddened as they are punished with a firm hand, or a well placed paddle blow.

This blond little girl Micaela was very naughty. She mouthed off and tried to talk back, so we had to teach her what happens to spanking girls that crave discipline.  She squirmed in our disciplinarian’s lap, but she didn’t really believe it would happen until the first blows landed across her pert ass. She may have begged to stop, but the redder her ass got, the wetter her pussy became. She didn’t get enough with a bare hand though, she almost came when the paddle smacked her ass. I would say that it fixed her behavior, but she was back within a week ready for another spanking!

CLICK HERE to see this naughty little blond set straight.

Schoolgirl Prepares For Caning

2011 February 24


by admin


There have been only three perfect spankings in my life so far, where I can take just as much punishment as I deserve, and I only cry for as long as is necessary. I don’t like the ones where I’m expected to cry the whole time, whether or not they’re actually hurting me, because they just like to see the tears pour down my face. I don’t mind crying if I have to, but I don’t like crying just to cry.

I prefer to cry because it hurts or because I’m embarrassed to have to be punished in front of my friends, or because I have to show my underwear to everyone else in the room. And there’s something about the first few swats with a cane or a hand that just makes me flinch and screw up my face into a pained expression. After a while I can take it, but the first few stinging hits tend to make me jump and earn me more punishment for not sitting still.

See this schoolgirl disciplined HERE.

Spanking Girl Grimaces in Pain

2011 January 9


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I love getting spanked and caned, because while it’s happening, I can’t think about anything but what I’m going through at the moment. My play partners love spanking girls who are comfortable showing their reactions, and so I don’t have to pretend that what they’re doing doesn’t hurt. They love watching me twitch and wince and try to squirm away from whatever they’re doing to me, and they love watching the marks appear on my ass, too. I like it better when they use their bare hand to spank me, because that creates a more uniform rosy red glow, and warms up my whole ass in the best way.

Bare hand spanking is also more intimate, and lets me feel closer to them than when they use toys and canes. They get off on watching me squirm, and on looking at their marks on my pale skin, and I love it when I can feel it the next day, and remember the fun we had while playing. When it’s done right, it hurts so good that I can’t help but smile thinking about it, even if I had to wince while it was happening.

Amateur Spanking Girls get Punished

2011 January 2


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It was kind of a slow day at the house, and the girls were entertaining themselves by trying to swat each other on the ass. One of the girls had just managed to get the other into the right position when some clients came in and took over the entertainment. “Oh, come on!” they said to each other. “What’s the point in coming here to start spanking girls if they’ve already gotten going on each other first? I think we should give them both a good working over to remind them of their place.”

Lined up against the wall or bent over a knee, the butts got good and spanked that day. Still not having learned their lesson, though, the girls talked back a bit, so they got bent over a hard chair and thrashed with a cane good and properly. After that day, the girls left each other alone except for cuddling, and let their clients be the only ones to leave marks on their rears.

Two Teens Get Paddled, Caned, and OTK Spanking

2010 December 27


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So many girls these days have grown up without any kind of proper discipline, so they end up bratty and mean. Sometimes the old ways are the best to show a girl when she’s done something wrong. Corporal punishment has worked for a long time, and some girls just need a good old-fashioned spanking to correct their negative behaviors. At first they may resist the idea, but when they end up in our care we show them that we know what’s best for them!

These punished girls did not think they needed any kind of correction, but we knew better. Their behavior was unacceptable, and we showed them what kind of reaction they could expect when they misbehave. They may have resisted at first, but when the first barehanded blows landed on their behinds, they quickly understood the benefits of proper punishment. By the time we moved from bare hands to our selection of paddles and canes, they were moaning and begging for their proper punishment. When their asses ended up red and sore at the end they understood exactly how a proper girl should act.

Two Girls Brutally Punished via Caning, And Paddling.

2010 December 10


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When we have a guest, we like to provide them with variety. In this case we presented our special guest with two lovely girls that had earned a punishment, it gave us the opportunity to give him the choice of how to show these girls exactly how they should receive their discipline. He was an aficionado of the spanking arts, and showed us his expertise with hand, paddles, and canes. He had both of the spanking girls squirming before it was even their turn bent over in front of him!

Both girls had their cute rear ends reddened by his expert treatment, and though both were taking their punishment, they were moaning and begging for more before he was close to done. Their growing whimpers matched their growing wetness as he bent them over and showed them that even bad girls receiving their punishment can find pleasure in their discipline. He was always fair in his punishment, and made sure that one woman never received more than the other did. In fact he was so careful that when one woman’s ass ended up more red then the other, he just had to correct that with another series of swats on both of them!

CLICK HERE to see the results of this harsh double punishment

Outdoor Paddle Spanking Girls Punishment

2010 October 10


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Forced to crawl outside in the mud and grass like a dog, the master takes his female slave for a walk. She had been locked up inside her basement cage for a while so she did need a little bit of exercise. But she is still her bitch slave, so she has no rights that a human might have. As she drags her body along the dirt the female master issues a spanking girls punishment. This involves her hitting the submissive woman’s backside with a brutally large leather paddle. As each strike hits her buttocks the slave yelps but continues to crawl faster along the ground, almost like a perverted version of cat and mouse.

Schoolgirl Punishment Results in Bruised Ass and Tears

2010 September 25


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Spanking girls punishment

This young girl at a private all girls school is always told to wear her full uniform. Sometimes the naughty girls hitch up their skirts to make them much shorter then the proper allowed length. As this girl was busted for breaking the school rules, a spanking girls punishment is in order for her. Marched off to the head masters office she is draped over his knees and her panties are pulled down to her feet. As she grits her teeth and braces for his painful slaps she tries to think of a happy place, to escape from the pain of his harsh smacks.

Spanking Girls That Deserve Punishment for Misbehaving

2010 September 8


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Spanking girls punishment

Here we can see the lady of the house teaching her staff member the rules that she inflicts on them. If they do not perform their daily duties to her standards of satisfaction then they will be punished. Spanking girls punishment involves a long cane shaped in the form of a walking stick. This is used to slap the soft butt cheeks of the girls red raw until they learn their lesson. Bent over the chair with her petite rear end hoisted up into the air, the lady of the home begins her caning. The victims screams are much to the delight of both the lady and her watching husband.

Passed Out School Girl On Couch Gets Spanked

2009 December 18


by spanko

If a young school girl goes out to party over the weekend, she has to make sure she doesn’t get caught sleeping on the couch of the common room the next morning. It seems this little brunette just didn’t know which was her dorm room, and ended up getting her beauty rest out in front of all to see. When the dean came down from his office, he didn’t need much words, and started administering the spanking girls treatment on her tight round ass. GET inside the members area and watch all the rough spanking photos that you can take.

Spanking Girls

Her jeans were pulled down around her thighs, and she had her face stuffed in the pillows while her round white ass got a hard spanking treatment. At each painful strike the once white skin started turning red and swell up in pain from the harsh punishment. The spanking girls action continued until she finally admitted up to her actions and pleaded that she would never do wrong again. CLICK HERE to download the video and watch the bare bottom spanking now.

Girl Masturbating In Tub is Caught and Spanked

2009 December 15


by spanko

There is nothing more painful than getting a naked and wet skin spanked hard by a forceful whip. The Girls Boarding School brings you the wildest spanking girls punishments with bare asses turning bright red under a forceful strap. These misbehaving students have been doing really naughty deeds and need to get their lesson learned about behaving properly. JOIN the fun and enjoy all the spanking girls that you can take.

Spanked Girls

The ass spanking gets really heated and wild once a young brunette girl is caught masturbating in her tub. This kind of behaviour is totally unacceptable, and will get her a rough punishment spanking in turn. She is forced out of the tub and has to grab the ledge, while huge sore welts start to form on her ass. The spanking photos are sure going to treat you with some brutal scenes, that you don’t want to miss out on. The bare bottom will start spreading right in your face, for you to enjoy each lash and strike that she is forced to take to learn her lesson. CLICK HERE to download the video of the spanking girls treatment.

Sleeping In Gets a Spanking Consequence In Turn

2009 December 12


by spanko

If you decide to skip out on your studies, you better be aware that some really rough consequences are at hand. This brunette student has just recently enrolled in the Girls Boarding School and just doesn’t quite know how harsh and strict the professors can get. After bailing out on her first class and sleeping in, she gets awoken to a painful surprise of getting some ass spanking. GET inside the members area and watch the spanking photos to see her roughly paddled.

Spanking Girls

Her jeans get pulled down to her thighs, and pretty soon the soft ass cheeks start to turn red and build up in stinging blots of red. As the harsh punishment continues, the spanking girls treatments get more forceful, making her suffer and beg for mercy during the wild encounter. As the chick awakens and thinks about her actions, she realizes that she will have to obey all the rules, or face a harsh spanking girls punishment through the years to come. LEARN the secret ways school girls learn to behave through real spanking punishments.

Blonde Girl In Blue Thong Getting Ass Spanking

2009 December 9


by spanko

Not being prepared in class, is one of the worst things that a young school girl can do at the Girls Boarding School. This blonde slender girl has woken up late in the morning, and couldn’t find her uniform in her room. After she strutted into the class wearing a white shirt and some tight jeans, she was quickly pulled to the front of the class by the professor and taught a hard lesson. WATCH the harsh caning that is performed through her jeans before she has her pants stripped off her ass.

Spanked Girls

The spanking girls punishment is the only way that the young pupils will learn their lesson, having welts on their behind for weeks on end, and making them remember their actions. At each forceful strike, this school girl had her juicy butt build up with sore red welts that started to ache and swell up in the shocking and painful treatment. Her blue thongs rode up deep into her butt as the punishment spanking continued and made a total road map out of her juicy round cheeks. SEE the video and watch the bare ass caning she gets.

Two Girls Get Caning Punishment For Misbehaving

2009 December 6


by spanko

See the strict and severe form of spanking girls punishment, when the innocent looking school girls at the Girls Boarding School do wrong. These two naughty babes have been really giving their teacher a reason to get them called into a private room. Finally when they pulled a mischief one last time, the pair of deviant girls got the punishment spanking they deserved. The brunettes were stripped down with their asses bared, only a little white shirt covering up their skin, ready to be caned. SEE the spanking photos and watch their nice firm butts swell with pain.

Amateur Tied

It doesn’t take long before the bare bottom spanking turns rough and stinging with the harsh can repeatedly whipping their soft cushions. The spanking girls punishment gets the girls bent over the couch and grabbing the cushions while the caning continues to make their booties fill up with large red marks. CLICK HERE to watch the spanking galleries and enjoy the bare bottoms go through the rough discipline treatment.

Naughty Brunette Gets Spanked For Short Skirt

2009 December 3


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A naughty brunette school girl, just couldn’t seem to follow instructions of having a skirt that is just above the knees. She was flaunting her tight ass off in a very short skirt, and ended up getting the attention of the Principal. This Girls Boarding School is known for being strict, and teaching the young school girls a lesson about being proper. After leaving the place, they will have to be the most obedient wives to powerful men, or else will be made to suffer more ass spanking at home. WATCH the video of the school girl spanking as she gets flipped over the knees.

Amateur Tied

Her tight ass gets bared and the heavy hands of the dominating man comes striking at her rear. The otk spanking is hard and rough, with her cheeks turning beet red from each repeated strike she gets. Once the punishment spanking continues, and she gets blots of red all over her butt, the little chick builds up real tears in her eyes until begging she will be good and never disobey again. GET ACCESS and enjoy the spanking pics.

Spanking Girls Discipline On a Busty Brunette School Girl

2009 November 30


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Come and see what happens at the Girls Boarding School when naughty school girls do something really bad. This brunette beauty with her huge tits and big juicy ass, as been flaunting herself around campus without wearing a bra under her shirt. Since her breasts are so large, there is a strict rule that she has to cover up, and can’t go training with the melons bouncing out everywhere. JOIN the fun and see the spanking girls punishment that is administered once she is brought into the office of her teacher.

Girls Spanked Girls Spanked
Girls Spanked Girls Spanked
Girls Spanked

There is no waiting around before she gets her clothes stripped down and has her big juicy ass ready to be paddled and spanked in the roughest way possible. Her hands are forced to lock above her head, and the punishment spanking is ready to begin, with the large wooden paddle striking her juicy white rear. Pretty soon the red welts start to form on the soft white skin, and the spanking girls action gets more heated and rough. GET inside the members area and watch the spanking girls discipline.

Hard Wooden Paddle Used In School Girl Spanking

2009 November 27


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Come and check out the strict and severe domestic discipline we have at the Girls Boarding School. These fresh young teens need to get whipped into shape to become the best wives to the most powerful men out there. When they are not doing what they are told, a session of ass spanking is in order to make their lesson learned. CLICK HERE to download the spanking photos and enjoy the wild treatment.

Spanked Girls

This brunette babe has been really doing naughty things lately and the dean has just had enough. He picks her out of bed, and gets her school girl skirt flipped up, to start paddling her juicy round ass. After the bed spanking isn’t doing the trick, she is pulled to the side and bent on a table, to have some bare ass spanking by the huge wooden forceful paddle. At each blow there are huge red welts and marks building up on her stinging butt, getting more painful by each moment. GET ACCESS and join the brutal paddling in these spanking pictures.

Girls In Stripes Get Their Asses Ripe Red

2009 November 24


by spanko

The Girls Boarding School brings you two fresh young girls ready to take a harsh bare ass spanking from their teacher. These two best friends have decided to skip out on class, and now they have to pay up for the consequence. They have teamed up and are both strutting off their sexy bodies in matching striped shirts. As the spanking girls treatment begins, they have their pants and panties pulled off and ready to get a booty beating of a lifetime. WATCH the spanking pictures and see the bare bottoms turn beet red.

Amateur Tied

The sexy girls are lined up against the wall and a large cane is pulled out to form huge red marks on their behind. Once the ass spanking begins, they quickly realize they have to admit up to their actions before any rougher treatment begins. The caning continues to get rougher and harsher when they are laid down side by side on the bed and have their juicy cushions tapped over and over again by the slashing cane. JOIN the girl spanking fun and enjoy the ripe red cheeks.

Short Black Haired School Girl Gets First Spanking

2009 November 21


by spanko

Come and check out the severe and strict domestic discipline that is enforced on the students of the Girls Boarding School. We have the young naughty girls getting straightened out with the secret spanking girls methods, using paddles, canes, and straps to get their lessons learned. This short haired school girl, wasn’t expecting to suffer such severe consequences when her parents first sent her to the institute. SEE the video and watch her learn the real spanking punishment that is enforced.

Girls Spanked Girls Spanked
Girls Spanked Girls Spanked
Girls Spanked

After getting caught doing her first wrong move, the naughty girl gets pulled into the library to be treated with some spanking girls punishment. Her white cotton panties get pulled and wedged into her tight ass, before a large leather strap is pulled out to get her ass whipped. Each forceful strike gets her juicy round lumps turning beet red and build up in a road map of welts, making sure that she will never think about misbehaving ever again. DOWNLOAD the hard spanking punishment photos and see the harsh treatment she gets.

Girl On Girl Spanking To Get Them Learning a Lesson

2009 November 18


by spanko

The Girls Boarding School is full of the strict and severe domestic discipline that you won’t find anywhere else. We have trained these sexy school girls well, and now there is no need for teachers to start getting the girls teaching each other their lessons. After two roommates got into a disagreement about having a boy in the room, the other took her under control and applied the otk spanking method. WATCH the video of the girl on girl bare ass spanking.

Spanking Girls

The little brunette has her short shorts whipped off and is ready to go through and take the roughest spanking girls treatment she has ever had. There is no mercy on her juicy ripe butt, and after a little hand slapping, there was a large wooden paddle pulled out to get her lesson learned. The painful and hard ass spanking session continued with a slipper and got the biggest red welts to swell up on her ass. SEE the spanking pictures and watch the bare bottom discipline.

Chubby Brunette Caught Snacking and Spanked

2009 November 15


by spanko

There is no other better way to make young teen girls obey, than to get them whipped by brutal straps and paddles until they can take no more. At the Girls Boarding School their is one golden rule, the young girls have to obey every word that is told to them by a person of a higher authority. Once the teens lose sense of themselves, a treatment of punishment spanking the old way is ready to begin. GET ACCESS to the spanking photos and watch the naked bottoms turn bright red.

Amateur Tied

This chubby babe has been caught snacking things she shouldn’t be, and got stripped totally naked to get her harsh ass spanking punishment. As she had her head buried in the pillows, the forceful strap was taken out and ready to repeatedly stroke her juicy white butt. Pretty soon it turned into a cherry red cushion, while the hard spanking continued, building up with welts of blood and welts that would only settle in weeks. SEE the video and watch the spanking galleries for the school girl discipline.

Sneaking In Past Curfew Gets Spanking Punishment

2009 November 12


by spanko

Sneaking out of the dorm room when there is a curfew set, results in a really brutal spanking girls punishment. Check out the Girls Boarding School form of discipline, and watch a young teen get her lesson learned quite fast as she gets caught by the headmaster outside on the grounds. She thinks no one is going to see her sneaking into the room, but pretty soon is grabbed from behind and receives a shocking blow from a huge wooden paddle. CLICK HERE to download the video of the bare bottom spanking she gets.

Spanked Girls

Once the punishment spanking begins, there is no where to escape from the repetitive blows to her round juicy cushions. Pretty soon with her struggles, she has her jeans whipped off, and has the naked skin swell up in large red slashes that start to ache from the tremendous amount of pain that she is forced to take. DOWNLOAD the spanking photos and see the spanking girls punishment outside under the night sky.

Girls Admitted Into Boarding School Have To Be Spanked

2009 November 9


by spanko

In order to be admitted into one of the toughest Girls Boarding Schools around town, young girls have to go through a hard spanking treatment. Although their parents want their little girls to attend the strict school, they have to be tested out to see how much they can take and make them break into obedient little students. A secret and painful girls spanking treatment is the way that the rules get followed in the institute. SEE the video of the spanking girls punishment and watch the little brunette get caned.

Spanking Girls

The rowdy school girl has been known for her bad behaviour, and this is the only chance she has left to clear up her actions. Her parents want to form her into a proper woman who will once please all the wants of her future husband. The spanking galleries are packed full of the wild spanking girls treatments that get on their way to make the little babes fessing up to all their wrong doing. LEARN the secret ways of bare bottom spanking and enjoy the harsh action.

Girl With Glasses Gets Punishment Spanking

2009 November 6


by spanko

Girls Boarding School gets really harsh and brutal with any of the students who decide to skip out on class. That is practically like skipping out on cooking dinner for their husbands once they are finished with their studies and are married to the most powerful husbands out there. There must be consequences for actions like these, and the Dean of the school knows exactly how to handle wrong doers like this little brunette. CLICK HERE to watch the school girl spanking she is made to endure.

Spanked Girls

After the girl with glasses gets flipped onto the table, she has her round ass spanked by a twase that comes striking over her white butt. Pretty soon there are red spots growing out on the sides of her cotton panties, and she has them slipped off to get a better sting. At each forceful bare bottom spanking she gets, the naughty girl quivers in shock, getting her round cushions swell up in pain. Next time she might want to think about her actions, and there won’t be any tears from the punishment spanking she gets. SEE the wild spanking photos and watch the blots of red cover her butt1

Nude Girl Takes Cane Spanking On Table

2009 November 3


by spanko

If you want to see some really strict and severe spanking punishments, than you don’t want to miss out on the Girls Boarding School. We have the most privileged young girls getting their first taste of the secret punishment that they may have to endure once they become wives of some very powerful men in the future. To prevent them from suffering at a later age, any misbehaviour gets them into a wild spanking girls treatment. ENJOY the spanking photos and watch the hard caning punishment.

Spanked Girls

This blonde teen gets totally stripped naked and has her small frame bent over a table to receive harsh blows from a huge cane that comes striking her rear. Each wild and hard spanking she gets makes her once soft white skin turn red and get soar in pain. At first there are just small red welts forming but pretty soon she gets harsh bloody welts that will need weeks to heal up. The spanking girls punishment is sure to get you amazed at the tolerance these young girls have for pain. SEE the video and watch the harsh bare ass spanking.

Harsh Tools Used In Spanking Girls Discipline

2009 October 31


by spanko

The young privileged girls who attend the Girls Boarding School, think they can get away with anything they want to. What they don’t know is that the strict teaches are lined up with the harshest tools to get naughty girls to learn their lessons. The spanking girls punishment is enforced to the maximum and each professor has a closet full of paddles, canes, slippers, and even carpet beaters to get their point straight. SEE the spanking pictures and watch the ripe asses turn beet red.

Spanking Girls

This brunette school girl has been really bad lately and continually speaks up in class when she is not supposed to. The punishment spanking gets on its way once she is pulled to the front of the class, bent, and has her cotton panties pulled down to her knees. The bare bottom spanking begins with a heavy paddle and continues on to a large carpet beater that starts making her juicy butt sting. DOWNLOAD the video and see the spanking girls treatment really get wild with the harshest objects getting administered on her ass.

Caught In a Bar Results In Hard Spanking

2009 October 28


by spanko

A strict teacher was taking his weekend out to town, and has caught one of his students in a bar, flirting with some boys. The student from the most powerful and strict Girls Boarding School wasn’t expecting to get such severe consequences for her actions over the weekend. She was taken back to her dorm room, and had her short shorts pulled down, getting flipped over a chair and ready for her spanking girls treatment. SEE the spanking pics and watch her big tanned booty get ripe and red from the repeated strikes she gets from her teacher.

Spanking Girls

He pulled out his leather belt, and pretty soon was using the stinging strap to get the ass spanking rough and brutal. As the juicy cushions started to swell up with welts, the school girl spanking just got rougher, until she was finally ready to confess up to her actions. The bare ass spanking continued while the little beauty promised she would never do anything like this again. GET ACCESS and watch the old school spanking girls punishment.

Girl Gets Punishment Spanking For Behaving Badly

2009 October 25


by spanko

A naughty school girl was called into the dean’s office to have a rough treatment of spanking girls action. She has been caught placing chewing gum under her desk, and instead of scrubbing it off, she was forced to have her ass caned and slashed by the harshest objects. The large twase was taken out and pretty soon she had her red plaid skirt and cotton panties stripped off, to bend over for the brutal spanking punishment. TAKE a part of the action and watch the school girl spanking as her big booty stretches out to be beaten red.

Spanked Girls

The hard spanking got really loud and steamy once the whipping began, making her smooth skin get covered in large red bruises in seconds. The ripe gorgeous booty was repeatedly struck over and over again until she was ready to admit up to her actions. This seems to be the only secret way to get the rowdiest girls behaving like proper ladies by the end of the years they endure at the Girls Boarding School. SEE the spanking girls punishment up close and personal.

Blonde School Girl Gets Spanked To Focus

2009 October 22


by spanko

Sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be a better way to get young school girls to learn, than to give them a harsh ass spanking to get their minds focused. This Girls Boarding School wants to set all of their young students straight, and get them turned into the best wives that there will ever be. When they are pretending they are dumb and don’t know the answers to their assignments, the professor must step in with his large slipper to get her brighter. DOWNLOAD the spanking pictures and watch the blonde get bent.

Amateur Tied

She has her long plaid skirt hiked up on her back, and her cotton panties pulled down to her ankles, as the bare ass spanking is ready to begin. As her hands hold on to the edge of the table, the powerful and repeated strikes the her naked round ass begins. The blonde with her cute pigtails has her large cushions swell up in pain, turning red with large welts forming on her skin. The hard spanking punishment is sure to get this student focused more on her work. LEARN the school girl spanking methods and see how well it works.

Rebel Girls Get Punishment Spanking

2009 October 19


by spanko

Two students at the Girls Boarding School just couldn’t seem to control their anger. They got into a really wild girls fight on the grounds and have been brought into the headmaster’s office for their punishment. After they had their pants whipped off and their cotton panties pulled down, the secret way of discipline was ready to administered onto the round butts. There was a harsh long cane taken out and pretty soon was getting both the ripe bottoms spanked hard and repeatedly. WATCH the video of the real spanking begin.

Amateur Tied

The little brunette has already had huge red welts and purple bruises on her butt from previous spanking girls sessions. This little rebel seemed like she needed to get one more punishment spanking to behave, and was forced to hug the girl she was fighting with while she was bent and disciplined. As the naughty girls started to give into their punishment, they began to encourage each other to endure the painful caning they were getting. JOIN the bare bottom spanking party in the office of the headmaster.

Sleeping Beauty Getting Spanked By Large Cane

2009 October 16


by spanko

If you don’t wake up in the morning for your classes, you better expect to get a really harsh spanking girls punishment. Yes, the Girls Boarding School gets really rough and strict with their students, forming the naughty girls into obeying little ladies who will make perfect wives to powerful husbands one day. The key to the success is not letting any small mischief pass by without some harsh consequences. WATCH the spanking pictures and see this brunette get a lesson learned for life.

Spanked Girls

After she slept in, the nasty professor went into her dorm room, to treat her gorgeous naked ass with a large and stinging cane. Pretty soon her round juicy curves were totally weltred up in big red welts, as she was forced to take the severe and rough punishment. The spanking girls punishment continued to get tough with her smooth skin turning into a bumpy red and blotchy surface that she wouldn’t be able to sit on for the next few weeks. JOIN the fun and watch the painful spanking girls treatment.

Brunette With Long Hair Endures Punishment Spanking

2009 October 13


by spanko

An innocent looking brunette school girl, with her super long hair, seemed to be having troubles waking up in the morning. Although she looks all timid, this naughty girl has been known to strut around the grounds without wearing her cotton panties under her skirt. This kind of behaviour is unwanted in the harsh Girls Boarding School, and now she has to go pay up for her punishment at the Principal’s office. DOWNLOAD the video and watch the punishment spanking as her skirt is flipped.

Amateur Tied

The brutal principal takes out a carpet beater and has her pull her panties down over her big ass, getting bent and ready to take the bare ass spanking she deserves. Each forceful strike to her white soft skin, gets it turning beet red and swell up with welts and pain. Once the bare bottom spanking gets even rougher, there are other harsh objects taken out to slash on her ass. The large twase makes even more brutal punishing strikes built up on her round butt. WATCH the spanking pictures and see the old fashioned punishment.

Cheating During Exam Results In Spanking Girls Punishment

2009 October 10


by spanko

At the Girls Boarding School, it is not uncommon to have a painful and strict form of discipline used on the bright privileged students. These spanking girls treatments form the young girls into soon to be wives who will know how to obey their powerful husband’s orders. If they make a wrong move, they have to take some spanking girls punishment from their teachers until they learn their lessons. SEE the spanking photos and watch a brunette get punished.

Girls Spanked Girls Spanked
Girls Spanked Girls Spanked
Girls Spanked

This naughty girl has already endured some harsh caning for a mischief she did earlier in the year, and still suffers from the red and purple welts that have been created on her juicy naked ass. This time she was caught cheating during an examination, and now has to get bent in her professor’s lap for some heavy handed otk spanking. The strict teacher uses his large palms to get the bare ass spanking more stingy, and has her juicy ass turning bright red in seconds. DOWNLOAD the video and watch the wild spanking pictures until she confesses up to her actions.

Spanking Girls Punishment For Copying Assignment

2009 October 7


by spanko

You know that there must be something you have done wrong, once a large cane is pulled out from your teacher’s pocket. This curvy brunette girl was totally mind blown when she found her professor standing at her door. She has been caught copying someone else’s assignment and now has to fess up to her actions through some spanking girls punishment. DOWNLOAD the video and see the hard spanking she is made to endure.

Spanked Girls

The naughty girl has her pants and panties pulled down to her thighs, and is forced to get on her knees on a wicker chair to take the hard spanking treatment. The huge cane starts to strike her gorgeous cushions, getting large red welts building up in lines all over her once smooth skin. As the caning continues, the marks turn darker and redder by each second, and the wrong doer starts admitting up to her actions. CLICK HERE to download the video and see the punishment spanking that she is made to endure.

Student Stays Out Late and Gets Rough Spanking

2009 October 4


by spanko

Come and check out all the harsh punishments that young school girls get once they get caught doing something really wrong. A naughty brunette student, decided to extend her curfew one night when she went out to a formal dance event. She had to be back in her dorm room by midnight, but ended up stumbling home at 2 am, with her professor waiting for her in the common room. Once she stepped in, she was confronted, and the spanking girls punishment was ready to be administered. SEE the video and watch her get her long dress lifted up to endure some hard spanking.

Spanking Girls

The large can started striking her pantie hoes covered ass, and made her nylons rip open by the repetitive and forceful blows. Pretty soon the once soft and smooth skin turned into a weltred red and purple road map that would always remind her of her actions. This spanking girls punishment is the only way to get the misbehaving students to turn into proper ladies that is expected. TAKE a part of the action and see the punishment spanking.

Brunette Girl Getting Hard Spanking For Talking Back To Teacher

2009 October 1


by spanko

Talking back to a teacher at the Girls Boarding School has its consequences. This slender brunette school girl just didn’t know when to keep her mouth shut, and got a rough treatment that she would never forget. The secret spanking girls method was taken out and administered on the naked student, who was laid down and forced to take some harsh otk spanking. TAKE a part of the action and watch the bare bottom spanking that goes on, once she is stripped completely naked.

Spanked Girls

The real spanking begins once he locks her hands behind her back, and starts striking his heavy hand on the white soft butt cheeks. At each forceful strike the juicy ass starts to turn beet red, and swell up from the shocking pain she is forced to take. There is no time wasted before the repetitive ass spanking blows create tension and frustration in the room, making her admit up to her actions and plead she will never do wrong again. DOWNLOAD the spanking photos and see the spanking otk.

Red Head Getting Paddled For Bad Grades

2009 September 28


by spanko

For centuries, some of the most privileged girls have been sent off to the Girls Boarding School to clean up their actions. These young girls had a secret spanking girls method administered on their fine asses, each time they did wrong and got caught by their professors. Now we have all the new school girls back, and ready to take some real spanking the old fashioned way. CLICK HERE to download the spanking photos and watch the paddles and canes that come out to be used on the round juicy butts.

Spanked Girls

A red head girl just didn’t seem to want to learn, and got a harsh punishment spanking in turn. She was forced to strip and had her red cotton panties pulled down to her knees, before a heavy wooden paddle started striking her firm rear. As the wild action continued, the forceful strikes grew into repetitive spanking girls action, getting the cheeks build up with painful welts. LEARN the secret ways of spanking girls and watch the bare ass turn bright red and swell from all the strikes.

Brunette Gets Spanking Punishment For Cheating

2009 September 25


by spanko

The Girls Boarding School is the #1 site for strict and severe domestic discipline. We have the hottest misbehaving young girls getting a taste of their own medicine, once they get caught doing really bad deeds on the school grounds. This brunette school girl, was caught cheating in her exam, and copying another pupil’s work. She was called into her professors office for a special spanking girls punishment, to make her learn a harsh lesson about her actions. DOWNLOAD the spanking pictures and watch her spread her legs as she gets a rough bare ass spanking.

Spanked Girls

Her juicy ripe butt spreads out and is ready to turn as red as a tomato, once a large paddle starts getting swung repeatedly on her big juicy butt. As the rough action continues, she starts to have the largest red bruises and welts build up on her skin, getting all swollen and ready to burst in any second. The punishment spanking continues until each blow makes the healing process at least a few weeks for her to ponder over. WATCH the spanking girls treatment and see the wild procedure.

Before and After Asses Compared After Spanked

2009 September 22


by spanko

The Girls Boarding School gets things spicy with two young babes and their gorgeous asses getting spanked by a harsh hairbrush. One of the naughty brunettes has already had her treatment of the heavy object a few days earlier and still struts the painful welts that have been left over. Watch the harsh punishment spanking she gets one more time, refreshing the purple marks she has on her juicy bottom. JOIN the real spanking discipline that these bad girls have to go through.

Amateur Tied

The spanking girls method is the only way to get these girls to obey, and each strike with the hairbrush gets their booty soar and red from the aching pain they endure. After the bare bottom spanking is handed over onto the other young school girl, she has her ripe ass turning bright red from each and every painful and repetitive slash she gets. The spanking girls treatment will sure make these girls learn their lesson and have their large cushions compared to see the before and after results of the session. GET ACCESS to the wild ways of spanking girls.

Petite Blonde Gets Harsh Spanking Girls Punishment

2009 September 19


by spanko

A naughty blonde babe has been doing some really bad deeds, and now is called into the Principal’s office to have her ass spanked. This innocent looking school girl, just doesn’t seem to know her limits, and needs to be disciplined in order to turn into an obedient lady. Once she struts in wearing a white shirt and a long green skirt, she is quickly ordered to strip off her cotton panties, getting her tight round ass revealed. CLICK HERE to download the spanking pictures and watch her butt turn ripe red.

Spanked Girls

The ass spanking continues to get intense as she is forced to face the wall and put her hands over her head. The tight bare bottom spanking gets administered in repetitive slashes she is forced to endure over and over again on her fresh and tingling skin. As the punishment spanking continues, there are large red welts that build up on her once smooth skin, and will make her remember her misbehaviour for weeks on end once she starts to sit. SEE the video and watch the spanking girls session.

Young Pupils Taking Domestic Discipline!

2009 September 16


by spanko

Come and see the most strict and severe domestic discipline we have at the Girls Boarding School. These young pupils have one way to learn that they must behave properly and politely, the way that is expected of a privileged lady. If they do wrong, there are heavy consequences that are enforced on their juicy ripe butts. The secret spanking girls punishment involves some of the roughest tools that get administered in the roughest ways. DOWNLOAD the video and watch the ass spanking that a brunette gets for sleeping in.

Spanking Girls

She is confronted by her teacher in her dorm room, and has her silk night gown pulled down, to get access at the soft white bare ass to learn her lesson. A harsh cane is pulled out and starts whipping her soft white skin, making her scream at each painful strike she gets, and forcing her to obey every command and rule that is expected of her. The spanking girls punishment continues until the soft cheeks build up in painful red welts that swell up in pain. WATCH the bare ass spanking and enjoy the harsh treatment.

Red Head Girl Takes Punishment Spanking For Being Lazy

2009 September 13


by spanko

A red head school girl has been caught doing something bad in the common kitchen and laundry area. After the professor found that she hasn’t been cleaning up after herself, she needed to have her lesson taught in an old fashioned spanking girls way. The school girl spanking started once she was confronted and had her shirt and panties pulled off her juicy ass. Quickly, the bare bottom spanking began, and she was bent onto the table, forced to take the repetitive blows to her round juicy butt. DOWNLOAD the spanking pictures and watch her ass turn into a red road map.

Spanking Girls

The punishment spanking continues to get rough and harsh as the large cane comes striking repetitively over her juicy lumps. At each penetrating strike the welts grow larger and pretty soon she starts to admit up to her actions. The ass spanking seems to be the only way to get the badly behaving young girls to learn their lessons. SEE the video and watch the bare ass spanking.

Morning Spanking After Not Getting Out Of Bed

2009 September 10


by spanko

The Girls Boarding School brings you the wildest form of punishment, that has been created centuries ago, to get young girls to obey the words and rules of the school. When they aren’t following the guidelines, and have troubles getting out of bed, the harsh treatment is ready to begin. This wild and hard spanking method will sure make the young girls think about their actions and follow each and every order that is given to them. JOIN the bare bottom spanking and see the soft cushions get red.

Amateur Tied Amateur Tied
Amateur Tied Amateur Tied
Amateur Tied

There are bondage chains and leather used to get the naughty girl’s hands tied up behind her back, preventing her from blocking the forceful strikes she is about to get. Once she gets her cotton panties pulled off and is forced on the bed, a heavy wooden paddle is taken out to get her treatment. The real spanking takes place and makes the white ass turn cherry red from all the painful blows that she gets repeatedly on her bottom. SEE the spanking galleries and watch the harsh paddling.

School Girl Caning For Bad Behaviour

2009 September 7


by spanko

Check out all the harsh punishments and real tears we have for you at the Girls Boarding School. These privileged little princesses thought they were the top of the pack, and they could get away with all their misdemeanours without any heads turning to their action. However, when you have a harsh and strict headmaster leading the line, there is nowhere to hide from his secret punishment ways. WATCH the spanking photos and see the cane that is whipped out for the punishment.

Amateur Tied

The little brunette girl has been skipping out on class, and now gets a harsh ass spanking treatment right in her bed. The large booty is totally stripped naked and she gets down on all fours to endure the caning that will make her obey from now on. As the hard spanking continues, the skin starts to sting and build up with painful welts from each repetitive blow she gets. Once there are blots of red all over the tight butt, the bare bottom spanking seems to reach the limits and she is finally whipped into shape. SEE the video and watch the caned school girl.

Naughty Girl Speaks Back and Gets Harsh Caning

2009 September 4


by spanko

There is no mercy shown at the Girls Boarding School, no matter what size the school girls are. This brunette girl with her big juicy round ass, has decided that talking back to her teacher was a tolerable event. Boy was she wrong, and pretty soon realized it herself. After getting called in after class, she found herself facing one of the roughest and powerful teachers she has ever encountered. SEE the spanking girls punishment and watch her big cushions build up with large red welts.

Spanked Girls

Pretty soon the naughty girl gets her pants pulled down to her ankles and has a forceful bare ass spanking by a large wooden cane. This secret way of spanking girls is the only method that will get all the misbehaving school girls admitting up to their actions, and think about the next time they decide to talk back to their superior teachers. The punishment spanking continues until her butt is totally covered in swollen welts and she is ready to suffer through weeks of bruises as she sits. TAKE a part of the action and watch the bare bottom spanking.

Brunette Girl Gets Otk Spanking From Teacher

2009 September 1


by spanko

Things get really wild and heated once a brunette young school girl is caught slacking off and not going to class. She has been lounging around in the common room, and is found by one of the teachers who is doing his rounds around campus. The pig tailed girl is quickly flipped into his lap and takes a severe otk spanking to make her learn her lesson. DOWNLOAD the spanking photos and see the real spanking treatment as her pants are whipped off.

Spanking Girls

She has her tanned round butt staring out in the face of the professor, and he is ready to strike his heavy hand over and over again until getting it beet red. The bare bottom spanking continues until she starts to squirm around in his lap, taking the punishment spanking and begging she will never skip class again. That is not enough encouraging words however, to get out from the ass spanking treatment, and the spanking otk continues until she has her ass swelled up and ready to heal for weeks. GET inside the members are and enjoy the spanking girls treatment.

Girls Boarding School Spanking Session

2009 August 29


by spanko

Don’t think it is easy to be a girl attending a boarding school, especially when they have a head dean treating them with his whips and paddles when they have been behaving badly. This brunette school girl has been caught for being really mouthy, and now has to pay up with the most brutal bare ass spanking she has every endured. Since the girls get prepared for the life next to powerful men one day, they need to obey every word that the professors say. DOWNLOAD the real ass spankings that she is forced to take.

Spanked Girls

The Naughty chick gets flipped over a table and has her cotton panties pulled down to her ankles. Once the dominating dean takes her under control, he pulls out the hardest tools that he can use to make her turn into a submissive and obedient girl. These wild spanking galleries get filled up with harsh slashes striking her from behind, as she holds onto the side of the table and endures the large paddle on her naked bottom. JOIN the hard spanking fun and get a load of all the rough action.

Young Student Gets Harsh Paddling Punishment

2009 August 26


by spanko

Come and see one of the most severe spanking girls punishments we have ever seen at the Girls Boarding School. A young blonde student, was caught missing from class and lounging around in her bed until the middle of the afternoon. Her teacher didn’t need much persuasion to take the matters into his hands, and confronted the naughty rebel in her dorm room. CLICK HERE to see the spanking girls punishment as she gets a severe paddling while she is completely naked.

Spanking Girls

Her slender tight body and big juicy ass are bare and get a shocking surprise when the huge wooden paddle is taken out. She quickly realizes that her actions can’t continue like this, and has the repetitive blows striking her round juicy ass, and causes it to swell. Pretty soon the red marks turn bright purple and the punishment spanking gets more severe, making the school girl realize that she must behave. TAKE a part of the action and enjoy the wild spanking girls ritual that is performed on her juicy round butt.

Girl Gets Punishment Spanking For Sleeping Out In the Common Room

2009 August 23


by spanko

Once a young brunette school girl is caught lounging around in the common room, she gets a very harsh spanking girls punishment from the headmaster. Although she made it in on curfew, the naughty teen totally passed out on the couch and didn’t go to her first class the next day. The brutal bare ass spanking treatment gets on its way with a large leather strap used to strike her rear through her tight jeans. SEE the video and watch the school girl spanking at the Girls Boarding School.

Spanking Girls

The feisty chick starts to get her jeans stripped to have her juicy round lumps revealed and ready for a really rough ass spanking. At each repeated strike there are large welts that start to form on her ass, getting all stingy and puff up from each sting she gets. Although she doesn’t admit, she will think about the next time she will behave in such a demeaning way, not being able to sit down for the next several weeks is sure going to make her pay. CLICK HERE to download the video and watch the spanking pictures.

Girl Shows Off Caning Marks On Ass

2009 August 20


by spanko

At The Girls Boarding School, we are ready to show you the consequences that the privileged girls have to suffer if they do something out of order. This sexy girl gets her ass bared to reveal the harsh slashes and bruises that have been left to welt her ass after getting canned for her dirty mouth. She has entered into the class talking with a mouth that needed some soap to be cleaned out, and was http://spankinggirlsdaily.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=109&action=editpulled in for some really painful punishment. CLICK HERE to download the video and watch the spanking girls get roughed up with their tight bottoms swelling up with large red slash marks.

Girls Spanked Girls Spanked
Girls Spanked Girls Spanked
Girls Spanked

The hard spanking treatments gets them left with red and purple bruises, and the spanking girls will have hard time sitting down at their desk, making them remember the harsh discipline. The cane is one of the harshest tools used to make the girls get into line, and ends up having their asses ache for weeks on end while the welts finally heal up. JOIN the heated action of the punishment spanking methods.

Petite Blonde Gets Rough Bare Ass Spanking

2009 August 17


by spanko

The Girls Boarding School doesn’t seem to go on without a day of painful spanking girls punishment. This time the professor has caught a petite blonde snooping around the teachers area, where she wanted to change some of the grades she has received for her behaviour. Unfortunately her plan failed, and she was confronted by a really strict professor who was ready to teach her a very harsh lesson. LEARN the secret ways of spanking girls once paddles, canes and straps are taken out and administered.

Spanked Girls

This young student gets herself bent over a table to have her tight ass stretched and ready to take hard and striking blows. Pretty soon her jeans are pulled down and the bare ass spanking is ready to begin, with the cane striking up her rear and creating huge red welts. The stinging sensation causes her her skin to swell up in pain, and make her re think her actions the next time she is thinking about doing mischiefs around the school grounds. GET inside the members area and watch the hard spanking she gets.

Chubby Girl Gets Paddled In Class

2009 August 14


by spanko

When you are not doing your assignment properly, there are heavy consequences that you have to take, especially when you attend the Girls Boarding School. Watch the spanking girls treatment, when a curvy brunette girl shows up to class wearing only a bright yellow shirt. This kind of behaviour is unacceptable and the teacher decides to give her a form of discipline that she will never forget. SEE the spanking pictures and watch her get her white ass paddled.

Amateur Tied

The big white paddle comes striking at her rear repeatedly over and over again, and causes it to turn bright red and ache with the pain she has to endure. As she gets bent over the table the spanking girls punishment can get ever rougher, with wider swings of the arm and harsher impacts on the juicy ripe butt. Once the treatment is finished, the paddle is put down and she is forced to have a seat on her aching butt to continue her exam. DOWNLOAD the video of the hard spanking girls punishment.

Slender Brunette Gets Harsh Paddling

2009 August 11


by spanko

There are heavy consequences that young school girls must face once they do something wrong and misbehave. The Girls Boarding School is a strict place that will turn any rowdy girl into a well behaving lady by the end of the four years. Once something is out of order, the secret ways of spanking girls is pulled out and performed on the little pupils. CLICK HERE to download the video and watch the painful bare ass spanking that a young brunette gets for cheating in class.

Spanked Girls

A super large wooden paddle is pulled out of her professor’s drawer, and she is forced to get naked and bend over a chair. Each painful strike gets her white cheeks turning beet red and swell up in shock from all the rough treatment she gets. The school girl spanking continues until a different position is taken, and she starts grabbing the edge of the table while she is forced to take each rough strike from behind. The spanking girls punishment is the only way to make the students learn their lessons about proper behaviour. SEE the spanking pictures and watch the wild paddling session.

School Girl Caned For Bad Behaviour

2009 August 8


by spanko

At The Girls Boarding School, privileged young girls have their first hand at the secret punishment methods from their harsh headmaster. Check out what happens when the girls do naughty deeds and have their asses bared for some hard spanking. This sexy brunette, with her nice slender curves and her juicy behind, got a real knowledge of what caning is all about. SEE the spanking pictures and watch the welts form on her ass.

Amateur Tied

The wrong doer gets her black ruffled skirt flipped up and her cotton panties removed to have her big round juicy bottom caned until it is totally covered in red marks. At each painful slash there is more red marks forming all over her derriere, getting bent down to her knees and over a chair to have a better angle for the punishment spanking. Once the treatment is over, the real spanking is ready to begin, falling to the floor and grabbing her head while she has her bare ass spanking making her curl up in an infant position from all the shocking strikes she gets. DOWNLOAD the video of the brutal discipline.

Naughty School Girl Spanked and Humiliated

2009 August 5


by spanko

There has been lots of talking and loud behaviour going on in the common room at the Girls Boarding School. This kind of behaviour is totally unacceptable and has its harsh consequences that the young school girls have to suffer. When the main cause of the problem has been spotted and pulled aside, she had her stockings and thongs pulled down to get ready for a harsh spanking girls punishment. SEE the video and watch the hard spanking she gets while holding onto the armchairs.

Spanked Girls

The large stinging cane comes striking her gorgeous round ass, and makes her smooth and silky skin build up in red welts and welts in seconds. The caning continues to get rougher, with repeated blows striking her round bare ass, making her fess up to her actions and learn her lesson the hard way. Once she endures the bare ass spanking, she gets the large cane wedged in between her ass cheeks and is made to strut off in the hallways for the other students to see. JOIN the spanking girls discipline to learn more about the old school punishment.

Two Naughty Schoolgirls Get Spanking Girls Punishment

2009 August 2


by spanko

Two naughty mischiefs have been caught doing some bad deeds down in the girls washrooms by their teacher. The Girls Boarding School is very strict, and will not give in to any disobedient students, treating them with a spanking girls punishment to make them learn their lessons. Once the bad school girls were confronted, they were forced to face the wall and strip off their plaid skirts and cotton panties. SEE the video and watch the punishment spanking they get on their ripe juicy asses.

Spanking Girls

The school girl spanking gets wild and heated once the huge cane is whipped out and ready to strike each juicy cheek until it is covered in painful welts. while one has her rump caned the other is forced to watch and hear each forceful strike that is administered onto her school mate and just beg that there won’t be another round to take. The ass spanking continues until both the sets of butts are covered in huge red welts that have swelled up and are aching. GET inside the members area and enjoy the spanking pictures.

Girl In Red Plaid Skirt Gets Her Booty Spanked By Twase

2009 July 30


by spanko

The Girls Boarding School brings you another really naughty school girl who has been behaving really badly. The brunette student in her short plaid skirt has been caught flaunting herself to her professor. This kind of behaviour is totally unacceptable at the strict school and has true consequences she has to suffer. The naughty teen gets herself called into detention where a bare bottom spanking is in turn. WATCH the video and see the real spanking treatment she gets.

Spanked Girls

The spanking girls action gets wild once she slips her cotton panties off and grabs a hold of her ankles to endure a harsh twase spanking. At each forceful strike her round juicy ass starts turning red and sting in enormous pain. The punishment spanking continues to escalate until her booty is totally swollen with big red blots covering her once smooth skin. This kind of spanking girls discipline is the only way to make the misbehaving school girls learn the proper behaviour it takes to be an obedient young lady. JOIN the fun and enjoy the spanking pictures.

Repeated Spanking Girls Punishment

2009 July 27


by spanko

It is bad enough to get caught for doing something wrong at the Girls Boarding School. The young school girls have to endure some harsh paddling, caning or leather straps on their soft round asses to make them learn their lessons. If they are yet again doing some mischiefs, the painful punishment gets even rougher, with their already weltred cushions taking a hard spanking over again. CLICK HERE to download the video of the bare bottom spanking this girl suffered through.

Spanked Girls

She has huge red welts and marks still covering her round lumps beneath her skirt, after she went through a rough caning discipline. Now she is forced to bend one more time on the bed, and this time her bare ass spanking treatment continues with a set of heavy hands. The spanking girls punishment makes the healed welts get ripe and puffy again, preventing the girl from sitting down in any place all over the campus. WATCH the spanking photos and see the wild red head feel up her bumpy puffy skin.

Red Head Spanked For Missing Uniform

2009 July 24


by spanko

Turning up to class without your uniform, has very rough consequences. When a cute red head school girl was late getting up in the morning, and strutted into the class wearing a flowered shirt and jeans, she really needed to be punished to set things straight. The girl was led into the Principal’s office where the harsh headmaster was ready to treat her with some punishment spanking. GET ACCESS and watch the bare ass spanking.

Amateur Tied

After getting her pants pulled down and her cotton panties removed, she was bent over in his lap and ready to recieve some brutal otk spanking. At each forceful strike of the heavy hand hitting her white smooth bottom, there were cries of pain bursting out of her screaming mouth. The hard spanking just seemed to continue getting rougher the more she squirmed around during the hard spanking. CLICK HERE to download the spanking photos and see the old fashioned ways to get the soon to be wives to obey.

Blonde School Girl Gets Spanked To Focus

2009 July 21


by spanko

When a young blonde school girl was not preparing herself for her exam, she was called into the headmaster’s office for some punishment spanking. See the spanking girls get a treatment of the secret discipline that is sure to put them in line after the pain they endure. The otk spanking gets on its way once the pig tailed cutie has her butt bared and her plaid skirt flipped up for the heavy hand. DOWNLOAD the spanking galleries and enjoy the rough and repetitive blows she gets.

Amateur Tied

As the spanking girls begin to squirm around in the strict headmaster’s lap, they just get to take a harder and harsher punishment spanking. The big white butt starts to jiggle with each strike from behind, by the heavy hand that comes lashing at her ass over and over again. The bare bottom spanking continues until the school girl finally confesses up to her action and is ready to focus back on her work. GET ACCESS and watch the spanking otk with the headmaster spanking girls to behave.

Brunette Girl With Pigtails Gets Hairbrush Spanking

2009 July 19


by spanko

A brunette school girl with pigtails has been behaving really badly in class. She was taken to the side and was forced to write lines for her professor, before he could begin his treatment. At the Girls Boarding School there is no tolerance for misbehaviour, and severe spanking consequences must be administered to make the young school girls learn their lesson. DOWNLOAD the spanking pictures and watch the slender girl get some harsh otk spanking.

Girls Spanked Girls Spanked
Girls Spanked Girls Spanked
Girls Spanked

Her juicy round butt is revealed as she is bent over in her professors lap, and has her green cotton panties pulled down to her thighs. Pretty soon she starts to get her cheeks turning beet red, as she has his heavy hand striking her rear repeatedly over and over again. The ass spanking continues to get rougher, with a large hair brush pulled out and used on the soft skin to get soar and swell up in pain. As the spanking girls treatment continues, there is more and more welts to make her remember what she did wrong. SEE the video and watch the spanking girls punishment.

Naughty Brunette Getting Paddled For Bad Behaviour

2009 July 18


by spanko

The privileged little school girls at the Girls Boarding School think they can get away with anything they want to. However this institute is all about enforcing rules, and when one breaks them there are harsh consequences they have to suffer through. This brunette babe was caught lounging around at a boys house instead of doing her homework, and her teacher knew exactly where to find her. SEE the photos of the hard spanking punishment she gets on the couch.

Spanked Girls

Her legs are lifted way beyond her head and her jeans start to get paddled, making her endure the enormous amount of painful slashes she has to suffer through. At first it doesn’t seem to be such a bad treatment, but as soon as her pants and panties get whipped off, her bare ass is forced to turn beet red under the hard wooden paddle. The spanking girls punishment gets really loud with repeated blows to the ripe red butt. ENJOY the wild paddling that this school girl takes to make her confess up to her actions.

Blonde Girl Getting Punishment Spanking For Sitting On Antique

2009 July 17


by spanko

The Girls Boarding School just can’t seem to have one day of piece, when they get rowdy young school girls doing mischiefs and wrong throughout the halls. This blonde slender student, was really bored one afternoon, and decided to take a stroll into a private hall with a gorgeous large table. She started day dreaming and slid her juicy butt onto the surface, pondering about all the boys in the neighbourhood. WATCH the spanking girls discipline she gets once she is caught by her professor.

Girls Spanked Girls Spanked
Girls Spanked Girls Spanked
Girls Spanked

There are consequences that she must learn for sitting on antique objects in the room, and has her tight butt caned for the first time in her life The hard spanking takes place by getting her bent over the table, and having the forceful slashes strike her through her jeans. At each repeated blow, the juicy cushions start to swell up and pretty soon she has her pants stripped to reveal her blue thongs. The bare ass spanking continues until she has large red welts forming on her ass, and is left to ponder over her actions in the corner. SEE the wild spanking girls treatment.

Tennis Girls Get Punishment Spanking For Arguing On the Courts

2009 July 16


by spanko

Physical fitness is a very big part of the curriculum at the Girls Boarding School. Each day the girls rotate down to the tennis courts to spice up their skills and be some of the best future doubles with their powerful husbands. The main goal at the school is to form the perfect and proper ladies out of some of the rowdiest girls that come for the four year studies. JOIN the fun and watch two pupils get punishment spanking for arguing out on the courts.

Girls Spanked Girls Spanked
Girls Spanked Girls Spanked
Girls Spanked

After getting into a heated debate together, the school girls are brought into the office, and are made to strip off their cotton panties. Each girl has her skirt flipped up and is ready to endure the painful caning punishment that they have to suffer for their actions. As the repeated blows start stinging the round butt cheeks, they large red welts start to form into the most stinging and painful welts that have ever been administered. See the hard spanking punishment they get as they are forced to hold onto chairs and have their butts caned until they learn their lesson. GET inside the members area and see the spanking girls action.

School Girls Getting Caning Punishment

2009 July 15


by spanko

Attending the Girls Boarding School has its benefits and also its negatives. These two proper pupils just didn’t know what their limits are, and started getting loud in the common laundry room downstairs. The strict teacher didn’t need much to go down with her whip and join them for some punishment spanking to learn their lessons about proper behaviour. SEE the video and watch the bare bottoms get uncovered.

Spanked Girls

The school girl spanking begins once the cute girls have their cotton panties pulled off and are forced to line up against the wall. A huge cane is pulled out and their round bare bottoms are ready to take and endure the rough spanking treatment they are about to get. These spanking photos are filled with the ripe little apple cheeks turning bright red and building up with painful welts as the caning continues. Once the hard spanking punishment is administered, the naughty babes admit up to their actions and plead they will never do it again. TAKE a part of the action and see the spanking girls punishment.

Sleeping Blonde Beauty Gets Hard Spanking

2009 July 14


by spanko

When a new girl at the Girls Boarding School, doesn’t want to get up for her classes, things get really rough and intense back in her dorm room. The dean is really strict and has told all the teachers that they have to administer heavy discipline to form the young students into soon to be wives of the most powerful men. DOWNLOAD the spanking photos and see the busty blonde get a harsh punishment that she will never forget.

Spanked Girls

After getting woken up out of her bed, she is forced to stand naked with her hands held above her head. The naughty blonde with her perky tits and big juicy ass is turned around and gets ready for the bare ass spanking she is about to endure. Each slash of the hard cane gets her juicy rump filled with red welts that will turn purple in a couple of days and prevent her from sitting on anything hard. The punishment spanking continues to evolve, with each strike building up the puffy welts to larger welt that form on the smooth soft skin. GET inside the members area and watch the spanking girls action.

Girl In Fishnets Getting Spanked By Female Teacher

2009 July 13


by spanko

A slender brunette school girl gets a harsh spanking from a dominating female teacher. She is wearing a sexy little lace top and fishnet stockings, with her butt getting ready to be treated with a harsh punishment spanking. Since she has been caught getting flirty with the boys around the school, there are heavy consequences that she has to suffer. Watch the steamy performance as she is made to get down on all fours and ready for the school girl spanking. CLICK HERE to download the video of the tough spanking that makes her learn her lesson.

Amateur Tied

Once her round ass cheeks start to turn red and sting from each slash she gets, she is moved into a different position to obey her strict mistress. The spanking girls treatment continues to get wild and brutal, with her blue thongs sticking out and giving the red skin a great contrast. SEE the spanking photos and enjoy the suffering that this student takes at the Girls Boarding School.

Brunette Girl Gets Bare Bottom Spanking

2009 July 12


by spanko

The Girls Boarding School brings you the wildest strict and severe domestic discipline that you won’t find anywhere else. These girls really need to learn how to behave, and are forced to take a secret spanking girls punishment from their headmasters. Once a young brunette was caught flirting with boys on the school grounds, she was right away taken into the dean’s office for the punishment spanking treatment. WATCH the spanking girls treatment with her ass bare.

Spanked Girls

The naughty girl gets her skirt and panties off and stands with her hands locked over her head, ready to get a booty beating like never before. There are all kinds of paddles, whips, canes, and straps lined up on the desk, and ready to be administered in some wild spanking girls action on her tight butt. The round cheeks start turning red and swell up under the heavy paddling she gets, getting her to fess up to her behaviour. As the bare bottom spanking continues, there is no time for whimpering, just to stand and take the treatment and the consequences. SEE the video and watch the punishment spanking.